How one thing leads to another

by Hilla Duka


The whole thing started with a search box. Or rather, it started with a random thought as to how one would go about building a search function, and as this site was originally intended to be the place where I try stuff out, it seemed natural to build one for what has now become my blog. I’m not a very good web developer, and not a very experienced one - I moved on to product management before I had time to become more than a junior developer, but I still think it’s really fun to build stuff.


Only, when the search function was ready there was no place to put it, which lead to a complete rethink of the layout. So now the blog looks completely different. I’m going to try to not mess about with styling this year, for now I think the layout is functional, and it will hopefully let me focus on content rather than css! Let me know how you like it, or if you don’t, or if you miss something!


And speaking of how one thing leads to another, remember how I got really excited about healthy eating, and making things from scratch? Well, it turns out my kids were not as excited, especially about having to give up stuff they loved, like basically anything sweet. Those kids are addicted to sugar I tell you. Anyway, that made me look into if there was any way of making the things they liked, only healthier, with less sugar. Turns out you can make jam. And it’s super easy. So now I buy frozen berries, and sugar with pectin in it, and the jam is only like 10% sugar as opposed to any store bought jam which has around 50% sugar in it, and no extra additives. It only takes about fifteen minutes, and the kids seem to really like it. Win - win.


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