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Home again

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Last week I was back in London, working with my wonderful uk team. We managed to get a few good training sessions in, but the best bit of work I felt I did was actually just being there, being available to them, for a chat or a question. 

And of course, it felt wonderful to be back home. No matter how long I've been away, I always feel like coming home when I get back. Grabbing a bite at a place that cooks my type of food, popping out for a drink at the pub, even cramming up on the tube, it's so good to be home again. 

And now I'm back, and as usual, I miss home...

some mornings...

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... are just harder than others. Jonathan couldn't stay awake this morning, he fell asleep at the kitchen table. I can hardly stay awake myself, even though it's half four in the afternoon. But tonight our office is lending space to the vim meetup, which means I need to stay at work until late... 


Oh well, at least I know that this little man will get to crawl up in bed in a few hours, only to be woken again by me at half six in the morning tomorrow!

creative chaos?

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One of the things we discuss quite regularly at our team retrospective is keeping our desks clean. Since we don't really have set seats, but rather sit wherever on a day-to-day basis, this should be doubly important. Still, this is my surroundings. I'm not even sure where all the papers come from - I never see anyone doodle on real paper, yet they crowd the desks. I'm guessing, come thursday and retrospective, the topic will come up again... Oh well, it's friday, it's five o'clock and I'm going to pack up my stuff and head home for some time with my three monsters kids ;)


Happy weekend, anybody reading here!  :)

vip visitor

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Yesterday we had a very important visitor at Mynewsdesk - Jonathan came by, to have lunch with me, and see where I worked. He was slightly intimidated by all the people, and thought my job was very boring, sitting still all the time... But he was thoroughly impressed by our ping-pong table, and we soon realised we both suck at the game. 


The best part about coming to mum's job? Acording to this little man that was drinking tea with sugar in it! Which basically just goes to show you can never know whith kids...

London calling...

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So, this week I went over to our London office for three days!


The main reason was attending a meeting regarding a big upcoming event, and as the whole thing was slightly last minute, we ended up just chucking other things in, a few meetings with customers, or potential customers, a quick training session with the team, stuff like that. Ironically, those chucked in bits n pieces where really the best part. I got so much valuable information on how they understand and sell the product and what things matter to them. And of course, I got to be back home for a few days!


It's weird to me how I've lived in Sweden for a bunch of years, on and off, but the one place I always think of as home, is England... It's undescribeable to me what it is that makes me feel so at home there, if it's just the fact that I was so happy when I lived there, or if it's something more. Anyway, it meant a good feeling spreading in me since the plane landed, and right untill I boarded the plane back. One of the really great things was getting to take Fia, my friend posing with me in the picture, to see Covent Garden. Fia moved to London about a month ago, and mentioned how she hadn't yet seen Covent Garden. Since this used to be my area, where I worked when I lived there, we decided to go there after work, and a trip down memory lane turned into a brilliant night. 


Of course, my trip meant leaving my three little munsters behind, which they where not thrilled about. Still, I think they had a good time with their baby sitters, and I got a much needed break away from them and actually got to miss them for a few days! 

My app

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So, this might not be a very big deal to anyone else, but it's huge to me - at my workplace, we're now usig the app I built for signing in visitors!!!

It's a simple enough app, a visitor enters their info; name company and contact person, and an email is sent to that person. It might not be revolutionary to man kind, but it's such a thrill seing it used, knowing that I built it! 

I keep walking past it, and can't help but smile every time. Apart from personal websites and such, it's the first thing I've made on my own. 

What have I gotten myself into?

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I've attended, and somehow ended up helping out with, the last two vim meetups in stockholm. I'm not much of an avid vim user, but I use it when I need to, and I appreciate a lot of the functions it offers. I'm not really sure what I think of having an editor that it somehow a language in itself, but there are times when I've been happy that I know how to (slowly) manoeuvre my way about files using vim.


My editor of choice when it comes to writing code normally is Sublime, and I must confess that I don't know all of it's shortcuts yet, so learning some vim might seem like jumping the gun a bit. And maybe it is. But we do a lot of pair programming at my work, and some of us use Sublime while others are avid vim users. Being able to at least use it seemed wise.


Only, at the last meetup, I somehow agreed to do a lightning talk on Vim for absolute beginners. I really have to work on learning to say no. What could I possibly have to say on vim that would be of benefit to anyone? I don't have an issue with talking in front of people (being a teacher kind of knocks that out of you), but in this case I have no idea what I will talk about, and contacting the hosts to tell them it's a terrible mistake and I really have nothing to talk about and am the completely wrong choice for a speaker seems very much the right thing to do...


But chickening out isn't really my kind of thing, so most likely I'll end up doing the talk anyway, to everyone's dismay.


And when my stomach churns and feels like it's home to a thousand butterflies, I'll do well to remember Jonathan in this picture. The two smaller ones are wrecking havoc around him, and he's meditating. Don't ask me where he learned it, I never meditate. But he seems to enjoy it, and if it brings him some inner peace, I should probably take a leaf out of his book and give it a try!