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Winter watching

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little island with hut - twinter walking

The snow didn't make it in time for christmas, but it showed up a few days later. And so we all bundled up in our thickest sweaters and heaviest boots and went winter walking.

winter landscape sweden

I think this might be the first year since I was little that I've been able to really love the winter. Before I've always felt cold = bad, but now I'm revelling in the white landscape, the look of snow on the branches, the frosty lake...

closeup–branches with snow


Jacob by the frozen lake

The lake being frosty, but not frozen through turned out to be a concept very hard for Jacob and Milo to grasp! They kept wanting to try to walk on it, not wanting to listen as we called words of warning...

Just... no

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Well, it's not Monday, and I don't have a panda. That's because I made this little guy instead. I was wondering if they might be mates, but I can't seem to put them together... Could be that koalas and pandas just don't mix, or it could be that I'm feeling a bit out of sorts today. 


This morning it took me two hours to get to work, as compared to my normal twenty mins. When I was heading home the tram was not operating. And probably wont be for another week. I'll be so late for work... And while I'm complaining, it's completely dark these days in the morning, impossible to wake up, and dark when I leave home with the kids. And dark when I come home. London's going to be a nice break from this madness! I'm super excited about this trip as I'm attending two really interesting events, and will hopefully return home with loads of ideas and input! Just two weeks away now! (Yes, I'll admit it, I probably need a break from my kids too, and that might be part of the reason I'm so excited to go this time. Maybe.)


Also, not that it has anything to do with anything, except for contributing to making my life difficult, both nursery and school are reporting lice. It freaks me out completely, the idea of the kids getting lice. Anyone who's seen my kids hair (and my own, I guess) will understand me. So for now everyone has to wear their hair up, no matter what they think of it. Whatever the two small ones do think of it, they're thinking it rather loudly, unfortunately. I'll just stop complaining now and come back when I'm feeling more Pollyanna-ish, shall I?