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At Sofia's house

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This time, when I headed down to London, I stayed at my friend Fia's place. I hate staying at hotels (at least when I'm working) and spening time with a friend is not something I'm spoiled with, so this was such a win for me. Fia and I know each other from work and became friends (this is so rare for me, I find it so difficult to make friends, especially in Sweden) and she's one of those people that you spend time with, and then come away feeling happy, energised and more appreciative of life. 

Also, this time instead of having a really mad schedule with tons of meetings, I had three really important meetings, that also turned out to be really good ones. Even though the crazy schedule was necessary last time, I was quite happy this time to be able to focus on quality rather than quantity. Also, getting a chance to hang out with a friend, go shopping and spend long lazy nights sipping wine made this a really good trip! :)

My morning fix

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I'm back in London again, and this time I'm staying with my lovely friend, Fia. What a difference it makes not having to stay in a hotel! So many small things that you don't normally think about, like being able to grab a cup of coffee before you have to get ready to leave. 

Usually I grab a latte at the local Nero's, then head to the tube to get to the office (usually in a bit of a hurry!) - which means I have to get ready before I can have my morning fix. When at home, I require at least three cups of coffee before I can even remember my name, so being able to grab a coffee this morning, and sit down on the balcony to drink it and enjoy the morning air (I'm lying, I went out to have a smoke!) was just the best thing ever. Thank you Fia for having me!

Party on the roof

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We threw a rooftop after work at my work, for our customers. No holding back, the image shows 600 red baloons released from the rooftop terrace! It was a really good party with lots of different people showing up. Thankfully, with all my trips to the uk, my kids are now completely fine with my being away for an evening here and there, so while I had a grand time at the office, the boys had an equally wonderful time playing games and watching Pokemon! ;)

Home again

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Last week I was back in London, working with my wonderful uk team. We managed to get a few good training sessions in, but the best bit of work I felt I did was actually just being there, being available to them, for a chat or a question. 

And of course, it felt wonderful to be back home. No matter how long I've been away, I always feel like coming home when I get back. Grabbing a bite at a place that cooks my type of food, popping out for a drink at the pub, even cramming up on the tube, it's so good to be home again. 

And now I'm back, and as usual, I miss home...

memory lane

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I took this picture on my last trip to London, but the significance for me is anything but recent. 

This is where I sat, ten years ago, after just having had one of those moments when you realise that everything is about to change. I sat on those steps for hours, trying to absorb and accept all the changes I could forsee, trying to accept that there where at least as many changes ahead that I couldn't forsee. 

Now ten years has gone by, and so much happened. I can honestly say that I didn't even have a clue, sitting there, how different my life would become from that point onwards, but that was still the single point where I realised I would accept all the changes, and just let life happen to me. I'm so happy I did!

London calling...

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So, this week I went over to our London office for three days!


The main reason was attending a meeting regarding a big upcoming event, and as the whole thing was slightly last minute, we ended up just chucking other things in, a few meetings with customers, or potential customers, a quick training session with the team, stuff like that. Ironically, those chucked in bits n pieces where really the best part. I got so much valuable information on how they understand and sell the product and what things matter to them. And of course, I got to be back home for a few days!


It's weird to me how I've lived in Sweden for a bunch of years, on and off, but the one place I always think of as home, is England... It's undescribeable to me what it is that makes me feel so at home there, if it's just the fact that I was so happy when I lived there, or if it's something more. Anyway, it meant a good feeling spreading in me since the plane landed, and right untill I boarded the plane back. One of the really great things was getting to take Fia, my friend posing with me in the picture, to see Covent Garden. Fia moved to London about a month ago, and mentioned how she hadn't yet seen Covent Garden. Since this used to be my area, where I worked when I lived there, we decided to go there after work, and a trip down memory lane turned into a brilliant night. 


Of course, my trip meant leaving my three little munsters behind, which they where not thrilled about. Still, I think they had a good time with their baby sitters, and I got a much needed break away from them and actually got to miss them for a few days!