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This is our afternoons right now - I come home from work, grab something quick to feed the kids, and then we head down to our back yard, play a bit and soak up some vitamin D's... 

Party on the roof

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We threw a rooftop after work at my work, for our customers. No holding back, the image shows 600 red baloons released from the rooftop terrace! It was a really good party with lots of different people showing up. Thankfully, with all my trips to the uk, my kids are now completely fine with my being away for an evening here and there, so while I had a grand time at the office, the boys had an equally wonderful time playing games and watching Pokemon! ;)

Spring has arrived!

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Spring came late to Stockholm, but it's finally here, and accopmanied by some bank holidays, so naturally I packed up all the kids and headed to the park. We spent a few lazy hours playing on the playground, and then met up with some friends for a picnic :)


Naturally Milo fell asleep on the tube home, and then stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning... But, all in all, a very good family day! And with all the travelling workwise this year is offering, some quality time with the kids feels very appropriate.

vip visitor

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Yesterday we had a very important visitor at Mynewsdesk - Jonathan came by, to have lunch with me, and see where I worked. He was slightly intimidated by all the people, and thought my job was very boring, sitting still all the time... But he was thoroughly impressed by our ping-pong table, and we soon realised we both suck at the game. 


The best part about coming to mum's job? Acording to this little man that was drinking tea with sugar in it! Which basically just goes to show you can never know whith kids...

Light at the end of the tunnel

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So, the flu that seems to have hit most of Stockholm hit us as well, and all of us where poorly all of last week...

A whole week of pill popping and coughing and fevers has come to an end, and today we could finally venture outside and enjoy the fresh air and interact with other human beings! 

So this was fun...

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After our company party on friday, half the office came down with the flu...

In my case, not just me but all the kids fell ill. Wonderful, as you can imagine, and even more so since tuesday was Jacobs birthday. Yes, this lovely boy got to start his sixth birthday quite under the weather. 

In the end, I think he was happy enough with his birthday, and the presents. Still, he repeated throughout the day "It's no fun being poorly on ones birthday!". I quite agree. 

This mornings miracle

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This morning marked a huge milestone in my life. I let Jonathan go to school by himself.

To be honest, I only let him go the last fifty meters alone, but for me it was huge. Watching him walk away from me, this little person who has become so big and I feel like I didn't even notice. I can't control him all the time any more. He will do things by himself. He has friends and interests that don't involve me. He wants to go to school by himself, because he is a big boy now. 

I want to be happy for him (and me) for this huge step towards personal freedom that he's taken, but to me it felt as if the whole world came falling down. So hard to let your children grow up. At the same time, I'm so proud of him, how big he is now, what a wonderfull person he's turned in to. Letting go is hard...