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So this is a holiday then?

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Week two of holidaying is almost finished. I have to admit - it took some getting used to!

Strangely, it's weird having all three kids at home. Normally, we only have about an hour in the morning, usually a very stressed hour, filled with "Can you just eat the porridge!" cries and "Whyyyy wont you get dressed?" questions. The one bit of quality time in the morning is usually the walk to nursery and school, when I can finally leave the morning rush behind, admit that we're probably going to be late (we usually are, I get dirty looks from Jonathan's teacher...) and just enjoy their company and talk about stuff that comes to (their) mind. Usually Minecraft.

Then we each go through our day, only to meet up at sixish, when I throw something together, call it dinner, and the kids question said something being anything remotely close to dinnerish. After having either won or lost the dinner discussion, all there's basically time for is watching a show on telly, throwing the kids in the shower and tucking them in. They go to sleep at half seven, so it's just ninety minutes of together time at night. As you can probably see, quite different from having them 24/7!


But we do our best, filling the days with homemade ice creams (I'm really not as wholesome as that makes me sound, but I've long since realised that any amount of processed sugar makes my kids behave like little monsters, so I mash up fruits, chuck them in the freezer and call it ice cream. The kids have yet to call me on it. ), visits to parks and playgrounds, where I get to play the super fun game of one-two-three with the kids. Not heard of it? It goes like this: One, two, oh-no-where's-the-third-one? Oh god, there he is! What's he climbing on? And then you start over again. It's surprisingly not fun.


Also, I don't really like other parents. In the park, it seems you need to be making conversation with other parents all the time. I wouldn't mind, if only it wasn't so boring! And it's not like you get to talk about interesting things, like work, travels, politics or current events either. Conversations are stricly restricted to who has injured what body part recently (children, that is), what respective families will be doing for upcoming holidays (there seems to always be one coming up!), and of course, the ever so popular weather.


I miss normal conversations with grown ups. I miss them so much I try to have them with my kids. With, actually, better results than I have with the parents in the park. 


Two weeks done, and only two more to go. Then life can return to normal again. The only thing I'll be sad to give up is the sleep ins. Lately, I've slept to eight almost every morning - heavenly!


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This is our afternoons right now - I come home from work, grab something quick to feed the kids, and then we head down to our back yard, play a bit and soak up some vitamin D's... 

Light at the end of the tunnel

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So, the flu that seems to have hit most of Stockholm hit us as well, and all of us where poorly all of last week...

A whole week of pill popping and coughing and fevers has come to an end, and today we could finally venture outside and enjoy the fresh air and interact with other human beings! 

So this was fun...

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After our company party on friday, half the office came down with the flu...

In my case, not just me but all the kids fell ill. Wonderful, as you can imagine, and even more so since tuesday was Jacobs birthday. Yes, this lovely boy got to start his sixth birthday quite under the weather. 

In the end, I think he was happy enough with his birthday, and the presents. Still, he repeated throughout the day "It's no fun being poorly on ones birthday!". I quite agree. 


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I thought this image might be appropriate to start this blog with. It's obviously not me, I'm not some sort of wiz-kid who set's up a webpage at age five; it's my son Jacob, in deep concentration while watching TV.

However, I recognize myself in him in this pic a lot. I recognise his concentration, his deep focus on something. I've always been like that. I get lost in stuff, be it a book or designing and developing this page.

I guess basically, it's just being a nerd.