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The best hummus in the world

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Perfect hummus recipe

As we settled back in after our trip, the kids reaching for the XBOX and computer, I headed to the kitchen. I'm not much of a fix-the-dinner kind of cook, but I love poking around in the kitchen preparing side dishes. I'll put it this way - the salad is always made by someone else, but the dressing? Me. Also, my kids have a serious hummus addiction, so if there is one thing I make sure to have at home it's a fresh batch of home made hummus, and this time I thought I'd share the recipe. It's really easy to make, however it does take a while, so starting the night before is key. Anyway, here's what you need:

2.5 dl dried chickpeas

baking powder

1.25 dl Tahina

​1.25 - 2.5 dl cooking water

2 garlic cloves



2 lemons

(olive oil, lemon juice, cumin and paprika powder for serving)

Chickpeas in a can

Here's the thing about making hummus - you need to start with dried chick peas. The canned ones just won't do it at all, and you need the cooking water. So, starting the night before, take your chickpeas, rinse them and put them in water. Add about a small tablespoon of baking soda to the water (this will make the peel fall off). Then go to bed and forget all about it.

chickpeas after a night of soaking in water - the perfect hummus recipe

In the morning, the chickpeas will have kind of doubled in volume. Give them a rinse again and change the water their soaking in, to let them soak an hour or so in fresh water. Then rinse again (I know, a lot of rinsing!) and add them to a big pot to cook. Cook for about an hour, or until the chickpeas sort of fall apart if you press them softly. During the cooking, skim the surface with one of those frying ladles with a flat surface and a bunch of holes in, know which one I mean? The white froth is something you don't want, and all the empty peels is also good to get rid of. Once cooked, drain the chickpeas while keeping the cooking water.

All the ingredients you need for making the perfect hummus

Put the chickpeas in your food processor, and mash. Let them cool down as you collect the other ingredients. Now pour in about 1.25 dl of cooking water, same amount of Tahina, the juice of two lemons, two garlic cloves, a tablespoon of cumin (which in Swedish in not kummin but Spiskummin, weirdly enough) and a teaspoon of salt. Start the food processor again and mix it all up. The consistency should be way more runny than desired, since it will bind together more once cooled, so if it's not runny enough, just add more of the cooking water. Taste and maybe add some more cumin and salt, and then serve it with olive oil and lemon drizzled over, and powdered with paprika powder and cumin. Finger licking good, and absolutely smooth! It lasts several days in the fridge, though I can't say for sure how many since we always run out before it goes off, but maybe five?

The perfect hummus recipe

And now that there is hummus in the house again, order is restored. Jonathan got feeling and took the opportunity to make cookies, and now it feels like home again. 


I hope you'll try this, it really is so good, and close to impossible to get wrong, and healthier than the stuff you buy at the store too, as a little bonus. If you do, let me know how you like it!

Making jam v 2.0

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homemade strawberry jam with chia seeds and goji berries

I wrote previously about how I started to make jam, since that seems to make almost anything edible to the sensitive pallets of my delicate offspring. Well, devious as I am, I'm finding even more ways to sneak healthiness into a jar of red berries. This time I made it with Chia seeds instead of pectin, and added Goji berries to the mix. At first I was alarmed as the seeds were clearly showing, and the dried Goji berries didn't dissolve as I had hoped they would, but it turned out to be a mere question of time, as almost everything in life is. I had to let it boil for about twenty minutes instead of about ten as before, but it turned out just as nice as ever, only with some hidden goodness in it! Being to kind of mother that I am, I still haven't told them what's in it - and they haven't noticed anything different at all. 


Goji is considered the most nutritious berry in the world, and is packed full of antioxidants, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc etc. Chia is a seed that contains lots of Omega-3, fibre and protein. While Chia is virtually tasteless, and can be added to any liquid to make it jelly like, goji has a distinct taste, quite bitter, and I find them hard to eat as they are, but mixed with other berries they kind of disappear.

homemade granola

And then, as I was feeling all homely and Nigella like (I just love watching her cook! Even when she cooks meat I'm drooling...) I decided to make granola as well. This is another one of those staples I make about once a month, and everyone just loves. I keep about half of the batch for us, then graciously hand out the other half in little portions to my parents and brother. 


It's ridiculously easy to make, you simply pour about one litre of oats and other grains, and add like a dl each of water, honey and coconut oil. Sprinkle on some cocoa, or cinnamon and cardamom on top, and put it into the oven for about half an hour. Then add basically anything you like to it, I usually put in Goji berries, cranberries, coconut flakes, hazelnuts, dried blueberries... The kids love it with some yoghurt and sliced banana on top, and if they've had that for breakfast, I can rest assure they won't be suffering blood sugar mood swings. 

How one thing leads to another

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The whole thing started with a search box. Or rather, it started with a random thought as to how one would go about building a search function, and as this site was originally intended to be the place where I try stuff out, it seemed natural to build one for what has now become my blog. I’m not a very good web developer, and not a very experienced one - I moved on to product management before I had time to become more than a junior developer, but I still think it’s really fun to build stuff.


Only, when the search function was ready there was no place to put it, which lead to a complete rethink of the layout. So now the blog looks completely different. I’m going to try to not mess about with styling this year, for now I think the layout is functional, and it will hopefully let me focus on content rather than css! Let me know how you like it, or if you don’t, or if you miss something!


And speaking of how one thing leads to another, remember how I got really excited about healthy eating, and making things from scratch? Well, it turns out my kids were not as excited, especially about having to give up stuff they loved, like basically anything sweet. Those kids are addicted to sugar I tell you. Anyway, that made me look into if there was any way of making the things they liked, only healthier, with less sugar. Turns out you can make jam. And it’s super easy. So now I buy frozen berries, and sugar with pectin in it, and the jam is only like 10% sugar as opposed to any store bought jam which has around 50% sugar in it, and no extra additives. It only takes about fifteen minutes, and the kids seem to really like it. Win - win.


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The kids are playing checkers in the living room. No one is objecting to the rules and things are quiet. I'm baking bread and making sweets for new years eve, a bottle of wine is airing for tonight (and I've only nipped a tiny bit so far). The house is clean(-ish), the kids are calm, the kitchen is sporting the new dining set I bought an assembled a couple of days ago, and I've eight more days of holiday until I go back to work. I have to admit, things could be way worse.

dinner table and chairs

New table and chairs. Thank god I could get rid of my old hideous set, with the too small table and broken ugly chairs... Also, these chairs are cat safe - a huge bonus!


Chocolate muffins for new years. Have no idea how they taste as I don't like sweets, but the kids seem to like them! My kids go mental if they have white sugar, so these are made of dark muscavado sugar. 

a surprising weekend

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On friday, I threw a birthday party for my brother. We're close, and he turned thirty, so naturally it was a big deal for me, and naturally I went all out.    What surprised even me though, was that instead of spending saturday in bed, nurturing my hangover and feeling dreadfully sorry for myself, I baked. And cooked. And prepared next weeks meals.   I actually made bread! Haven't done that in ages... It smelled heavenly, and the kids assured me it tasted marvelous, but in paying for childhood sins, I can't have any myself... And after finishing the bread, I also made banana bread, hoummus, dinner and an extra stew for next week. I know, anyone who knows me will be in chock, and I can tell you, I was so surprised myself, once I realised what I had done I had to sit down and drink several glasses of wine. There, that's more like the Hilla we know, right?  Oh well, at least I have next week well in hand! ;)