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My proudest moment

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Can't believe I haven't posted something about this, it's almost a month ago, and will go down in history as one of my proudest moments, equal only to squeezing living babies out of... let's just not go there. The jest of it - very proud mother here. 

Jonathan finished his first year at school! Well, ok, technically he did that last year, but that was that Swedsih thing with the preparation year, so it really doesn't count. Honestly, all they did that year was to learn how to write their names, and Jonathan was bored out of his wits all year. 


This year, however, he finished first grade! That counts for something, and not only for meaning I'm quite old (I'll just petend I had him when I was really, really young).


He really is an amazing child, in touch, in control (sometimes), funny, witty, smart and sweet. And I'm really not being biased. Honestly I'm not. He just happens to be the best child about to turn eight that ever walked the earth, it can't be helped.


Anyway, I was terribly proud of him, and almost managed to not mind the singing (off key), the horrible coffee and talking to parents (what is one supposed to talk about??) and everything else that managed to take place in the course of 90 mins, and now we're enjoying a wonderful wonderful time off! (I'm really just joking, we're fighting all the bloody time)


some mornings...

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... are just harder than others. Jonathan couldn't stay awake this morning, he fell asleep at the kitchen table. I can hardly stay awake myself, even though it's half four in the afternoon. But tonight our office is lending space to the vim meetup, which means I need to stay at work until late... 


Oh well, at least I know that this little man will get to crawl up in bed in a few hours, only to be woken again by me at half six in the morning tomorrow!


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I thought this image might be appropriate to start this blog with. It's obviously not me, I'm not some sort of wiz-kid who set's up a webpage at age five; it's my son Jacob, in deep concentration while watching TV.

However, I recognize myself in him in this pic a lot. I recognise his concentration, his deep focus on something. I've always been like that. I get lost in stuff, be it a book or designing and developing this page.

I guess basically, it's just being a nerd.