The wife of the architect, for whom I made this site, decided she wanted a site like it for her company as well, so this was what I came up with. It's got a similar navigation, and the CMS behind it is exactly the same (when you find something you like, you stick to it, right? Well, I basically like CK Editor, so I always go with that one.) but the image focus is different. For Studio Z, which is an architects show off page, of course there needed to be a heavy focus on images, but for an accounting company, there really isn't such a need. We decided to use images she and her husband have taken (hobby photographers) as background image, and I got to test out writing a script to resize the image according to the screen height. Since me and JavaScript aren't really compatible, it was a bit of a challenge, but as the saying goes, the fiftysecond time's the charm!

Every page, along with every pages background image, is editable by the user, so whenever she gets bored with one of the background images she can just add a new one. The app also includes a small blog where she can post updates from the accounting world. 

The really fun thing with this website was that I decided to do a completely different layout for tablets and phones, so the design above changes and becomes this in tablets: 

I kind of like it, and the owner is very happy with it. And that's the most important thing, after all. There are still a few minor things to fix, as always, but I'm sure I'll get it right... soon :)