Sign in app for ipad

sign in app  


This is an ipad app for Kiosk mode, to let visitors sign in simply. The visitor adds their name, company and chooses the time of the appointment. Then starts typing who they're meeting with, and the app will suggest auto completion on that name. Once signed in, an email is sent to the employee the visitor is meeting with, to let that person know their visitor has arrived. 

It's a simple enough process, and gives our customers a more web savvy first impression. Also, it saves our office manager from running all around the office trying to locate the employee in question as soon as a visitor arrives.

It also functions for security purposes as it lists all current visitors, and allows employees to sign out a visitor after they've left. That way, if we have a firedrill, or for other reasons need to know exactly who, besides employees, is in the building, the app will give that information. 

The app is in use at Mynewsdesk in Stockholm, and is being taken into use at our office in London. It's written in Ruby on Rails, with Twitter Bootstrap to make it slightly prettier, and it was written as a four week exam project as I finished my degree in Agile Web Development at KYH