Tying a scarf

by Hilla Duka


My hair is coming off rather quickly now, two weeks into my first chemo, and it's a fine line between just thin haired and time-to-go-bald. I'd rather not shave it all off too early, but I'd also prefer not to be the last one to notice that it's not working any more. My guess is that if it continues like this, I'll shave the last bits off within a few days.


So today, as I sent the kids off with Ilir and Joel to go strawberry picking, I dedicated some time to watching YouTube clips on how to tie a chemo scarf. And trying and trying to get it right. I've had an easy enough time with the first dose of chemo, and I don't really mind losing my hair, but getting the knack of this scarves business is difficult to say the least. I'm quite adamant about not wearing a wig though, so I better get good at this. 


This first turn of chemo (I get a combination called FEC, which has been used for hormonal breast cancer for something like 20 years) has been pretty ok - I honestly expected to feel worse than I have. I've been nautious, but not vomiting, more like being pregnant those first few months. I've had some pains in my joints, I've been really tired (though that could still be the shock), but other than that I feel quite alright, though I'm assured it will get worse with each treatment... Still, I'm trying to stay positive about the fact that I've not had any of the really horribe side effects. 


One week left until my next treatment!


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Maja 2014-07-11

Du verkar ha fått kläm på det. Jättefin är du.

fia 2014-07-11

Looking beautiful as always! I must add that scarves do look cool. And so do you my lovely! Xx