This mornings miracle

by Hilla Duka


This morning marked a huge milestone in my life. I let Jonathan go to school by himself.

To be honest, I only let him go the last fifty meters alone, but for me it was huge. Watching him walk away from me, this little person who has become so big and I feel like I didn't even notice. I can't control him all the time any more. He will do things by himself. He has friends and interests that don't involve me. He wants to go to school by himself, because he is a big boy now. 

I want to be happy for him (and me) for this huge step towards personal freedom that he's taken, but to me it felt as if the whole world came falling down. So hard to let your children grow up. At the same time, I'm so proud of him, how big he is now, what a wonderfull person he's turned in to. Letting go is hard...


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Diana 2013-02-03

Cool, big step for both of you! So much fun seeing all of you, we must do it again soon! Xoxo