Perfection lost

by Hilla Duka

fantasy whimsical forrest

I love change. I always have. It saddens me to think that because of everything that’s happened during their childhood, my kids will probably not be so positive towards change, but in my life - new circumstances are exciting! Leaving status quo is exciting. Trying new things, ideas, reading new ideas, learning, growing, all of that to me is life, the essence of living. Life never stays the same. For good or for bad.

Sometimes my family will have a go at me for always changing things interior decorating wise, or for the fact that this site has had a million different looks since I started it two, three years ago. It’s all true, but it’s because I love the change, not because I’m ambivalent. I think there is perhaps nothing more human than trying to achieve better than before, to improve or just try something different.

Lately to my delight there’s been a drawing frenzy at our house, somewhat sparked by me letting the kids order whatever they wanted me to draw and they could colour it. But I felt so deeply sad as I heard Jacob critically examine his latest drawing and axing it, saying “It’s just not perfect”. Of course it’s not! Pursuing perfection is dooming yourself to a life of never being good enough. No line we draw will be perfectly straight, and so what? Long live the wobbly lines, the mistakes, the not-good-enoughs! Why do we teach our kids to go after something that will only cause them unhappiness and doubt?

drawings of a hipster in a city and a girl walking a dog

Two completely imperfect doodlings that I will still say are good enough because they're mine!

So, this site has a new look, and a wobbly hand drawn header. I got to try using an off-canvas menu which I’ve wanted to try for a while, and use something I’ve drawn, and none of it’s perfect - thank heavens! It’s change, and that’s good enough I think.

Edit: this new layout truly is everything but perfect, as I ended up screwing up the editor, and now have to type html and have no way of uploading images... I'll work it out, sooner or later.


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