My morning fix

by Hilla Duka


I'm back in London again, and this time I'm staying with my lovely friend, Fia. What a difference it makes not having to stay in a hotel! So many small things that you don't normally think about, like being able to grab a cup of coffee before you have to get ready to leave. 

Usually I grab a latte at the local Nero's, then head to the tube to get to the office (usually in a bit of a hurry!) - which means I have to get ready before I can have my morning fix. When at home, I require at least three cups of coffee before I can even remember my name, so being able to grab a coffee this morning, and sit down on the balcony to drink it and enjoy the morning air (I'm lying, I went out to have a smoke!) was just the best thing ever. Thank you Fia for having me!


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