Monday panda

by Hilla Duka


I don't know, maybe it could be a thing? We could all just post drawings of pandas, with different themes for each week? Or maybe it's just me.


Anyway, Milo asked me to draw him a panda, and since I'm better with pixels and vectors than I am with pen and paper, this is what he got. He's not thrilled with the end result, and kindly pointed out that the panda was not wearing any clothes, and was therefor, by definition, naked. "I did not ask for a naked panda!" So next Monday Panda will be clothed. I'm thinking sailor outfit? Or biker panda? Oh the possibilities! Feel free to make suggestions below!


Oh and if you're using my new fancy schmancy rss feed to read this, I know you (probably?) can't see the pic, but don't worry, it's just a panda. But you probably figured that out by now. The thing is, I haven't entirely figured out how to add the image to the atom feed. Yet. 


Update: I caved and dressed him. Well, slightly, a hat counts as clothes. Also cristmassified the pic a bit. Like it? The kids do! :)


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