Going home

by Hilla Duka


I'm sure I've written something to the same extent previously, but it strikes me every time I go to London how it doesn't stop being home. The funny thing about going back to work is that you still get up in the morning, you still moan internally about the laid back tourists walking in their leisurely pace, or the tube minutes who seem to have no relationship to normal minutes. It's just the same. 


This visit was so good, I got so much from my meetings and from talking to the team there, and was able to balance productive days and interesting meetings with laid back nights filled with wine and laughter and good company. Just the sort of visit I really love!


And for those hard won skeptics, who think there's nothing more to London than concrete and crammed buildings and crowded streets, I offer this pic, taken early in the morning as I headed back to the airport. Enough said, right?


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