Dark and delicious

by Hilla Duka


As I'm no longer doing chemo the doctors have put me on a whole new set of drugs, all of which have some funny side effects. An implant I get once every three months puts me in menopause (something all my guy friends cringe at when I talk about - I never realised menopause was such a taboo!) which means night sweats and mood swings that would put any teenager to shame.

Another drug, one that's meant to help strengthen my bones, I have to take in the morning on an empty stomach. Not a big problem - except that means no coffee when I wake up. Thirty excruciating minutes of waiting until I can finally have my morning fix. And I can honestly say that no drink has ever tasted better than the cup of dark, delicious instant I make the minute the timer rings and then gulf down in about three seconds. So delicious...


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