by Hilla Duka


The kids are playing checkers in the living room. No one is objecting to the rules and things are quiet. I'm baking bread and making sweets for new years eve, a bottle of wine is airing for tonight (and I've only nipped a tiny bit so far). The house is clean(-ish), the kids are calm, the kitchen is sporting the new dining set I bought an assembled a couple of days ago, and I've eight more days of holiday until I go back to work. I have to admit, things could be way worse.

dinner table and chairs

New table and chairs. Thank god I could get rid of my old hideous set, with the too small table and broken ugly chairs... Also, these chairs are cat safe - a huge bonus!


Chocolate muffins for new years. Have no idea how they taste as I don't like sweets, but the kids seem to like them! My kids go mental if they have white sugar, so these are made of dark muscavado sugar. 


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Cissi 2013-12-29

Happy times 👍😃