by Hilla Duka


Last week we packed up the entire product team and took of for Barcelona, and the Baruco conference. We combined a few days of team building with a few days of conference, and ended up having a great time. Though five days proved to be too much for me to be away from my monsters, Barcelona was lovely. I will always sincerely heart a city that sports a beach. 


We ended up renting a huge flat for the whole team through AirBnB, which was pretty great most of the time, at least during the days, but pretty awful as I snore and feel terrible about sharing a room with anyone. I ended up trying to go to sleep after everyone else and waking up before them, and as a result had such a sleep dept that by the end of the trip I was completely knackered. 


And now I'm back home, doing the Certified Product Owner course at Citerus, which is turning out to be mind boggingly good. It amazes me how they manage to cram so much information into just two days, and how it all manages to make sense. Two days of this and I will be returning to work with a revolution on my mind...


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