At Sofia's house

by Hilla Duka


This time, when I headed down to London, I stayed at my friend Fia's place. I hate staying at hotels (at least when I'm working) and spening time with a friend is not something I'm spoiled with, so this was such a win for me. Fia and I know each other from work and became friends (this is so rare for me, I find it so difficult to make friends, especially in Sweden) and she's one of those people that you spend time with, and then come away feeling happy, energised and more appreciative of life. 

Also, this time instead of having a really mad schedule with tons of meetings, I had three really important meetings, that also turned out to be really good ones. Even though the crazy schedule was necessary last time, I was quite happy this time to be able to focus on quality rather than quantity. Also, getting a chance to hang out with a friend, go shopping and spend long lazy nights sipping wine made this a really good trip! :)


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