a surprising weekend

by Hilla Duka


On friday, I threw a birthday party for my brother. We're close, and he turned thirty, so naturally it was a big deal for me, and naturally I went all out.    What surprised even me though, was that instead of spending saturday in bed, nurturing my hangover and feeling dreadfully sorry for myself, I baked. And cooked. And prepared next weeks meals.   I actually made bread! Haven't done that in ages... It smelled heavenly, and the kids assured me it tasted marvelous, but in paying for childhood sins, I can't have any myself... And after finishing the bread, I also made banana bread, hoummus, dinner and an extra stew for next week. I know, anyone who knows me will be in chock, and I can tell you, I was so surprised myself, once I realised what I had done I had to sit down and drink several glasses of wine. There, that's more like the Hilla we know, right?  Oh well, at least I have next week well in hand! ;)


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