About me

Who am I? My name is Hilla Duka. I'm a web developer come product owner, with a passion for Ruby on Rails and a knack for explaining technical stuff to the non-technically minded. At my workplace, Mynewsdesk, I'm priviledged enough to get to work with what I love, in an inspiring work place with great co-workers. I am currently on sick leave, but hope to eventually be able to return part time and once again get to do what I love.

June 4th 2014, at the age of 34, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, spread to the lymph nodes, bone marrow and skeleton. Since there are no known treatments that can ever make me free of cancer, my treatment plan consists of ten turns of chemo (FEC) and then anti-hormonals. My life has changed drastically and so quickly, but it's still a life I love, and I will fight to get as much out of it as I possibly can. My hope now is to stay alive (and as well as possible) until there is a cure for metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer. I write more in detail about my cancer here.

I love taking pictures, I have this compulory need to write down musings or daily occurences, probably mainly since my memory is so poor I would lose track of life if I didn't. I doodle little strange caracters, or at the request of my kids, and usually it will all end up here in one strange mess.

I share my life with my three awesome little boys, who frequent the images below quite often, and their amazing father. I blog a lot about them, and our life together. They know their mum makes kick-ass stuff for computers, which they take great pride in! I built mainly for practise, to have a place to write about whatever pops in to my head, and to keep track of other things I've built. These days I blog alot about the cancer, treatments and my thoughts regarding it.