Happy IHAD!

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Happy IHAD, or International Hilla Appreciation Day!

Today is my birthday, though a few years ago I changed it and instead founded IHAD - a day of sipping champagne (whilst staying only tipsy the whole day, it's harder than it sounds!) and people come from near and far (though mostly near, to be honest) to tell me how wonderfull I am. Those are the only rules, the rest you play by ear, but there must be champagne and compliments. 

When I established IHAD a few years ago, I was getting painfully aware that I was no longer simply thirty, but in my thirties. This took the fun out of my birthday, and of course, part of the brilliance of the IHAD is that it doesn't focus on the year, it's simply a cellebration. Like christmas. 

Unfortunately, the kids did not react well to all the exitement and the flow of visitors, and where over exited and high on sugar, and at eachothers throats all day long, but apart from that it was a brilliant day. And since it's IHAD, I got to put on my prettiest dress and my highest heels and my heaviest necklace and therefor felt quite as wonderful as everyone was (forced to) telling me I was. Now the monsters boys are in bed, all the visitors have left, and I'm enjoying some quiet time on my lovely balcony. 

Truly, I think IHAD is one of my best inventions, and unless your name starts with an S or an M, you should copy it! (Sorry, but ISAD or IMAD is just not going to work...)


Photo taken by Jonas Forsberg


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Jacob needed new shoes desperately, but finding summer shoes at the very end of the summer is not the easiest. So rather than running through every shoe shop in Stockholm looking for a pair his size, we bought a cheap pair of canvas shoes in his size, and made a project of it! We changed the colours and decorated with his name. 


We had a fun afternoon together decorating them, they ended up costing practically nothing, and he loves them so much he tries to sneak them to bed with him. 

Three weeks and four days in

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Our holidays are coming to an end, at this point it's starting to feel sad. I've gotten used to having all this time off, day after day of free time to spend with the boys. We haven't gone abroad, instead we've spent time around Stockholm. It's been really fun, and I feel abit weird going back to work, always worrying about the kids when I'm at work only to worry about work when I'm with the kids. 


I haven't really been able to let work go completely, I've still answered important emails, and tried to help out when my team's needed it. In retrospect, maybe not the best way to spend this precious time, but I am who I am, and change is hard. However, I've vowed to be better at leaving early from time to time, maybe take a day and work from home once in a while. Considering the amount of extra time I put in at work, it would probably do me good!


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Some things don't change just because we're on holiday, and Sunday equals manicure for me and Jonathan. When he was younger he used to love getting his nails painted, preferably in really glittery pinks. These days he won't often paint his own nails, but instead revels in painting mine. He's quite good, he'll soak my hands and massage cuticles and god knows what - it's brilliant!


This week we couldn't settle on any one colour, so instead he went with all of them! The result is perhaps not very diginified or classy, but very summery and a bit Pride coloured :)


So this is a holiday then?

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Week two of holidaying is almost finished. I have to admit - it took some getting used to!

Strangely, it's weird having all three kids at home. Normally, we only have about an hour in the morning, usually a very stressed hour, filled with "Can you just eat the porridge!" cries and "Whyyyy wont you get dressed?" questions. The one bit of quality time in the morning is usually the walk to nursery and school, when I can finally leave the morning rush behind, admit that we're probably going to be late (we usually are, I get dirty looks from Jonathan's teacher...) and just enjoy their company and talk about stuff that comes to (their) mind. Usually Minecraft.

Then we each go through our day, only to meet up at sixish, when I throw something together, call it dinner, and the kids question said something being anything remotely close to dinnerish. After having either won or lost the dinner discussion, all there's basically time for is watching a show on telly, throwing the kids in the shower and tucking them in. They go to sleep at half seven, so it's just ninety minutes of together time at night. As you can probably see, quite different from having them 24/7!


But we do our best, filling the days with homemade ice creams (I'm really not as wholesome as that makes me sound, but I've long since realised that any amount of processed sugar makes my kids behave like little monsters, so I mash up fruits, chuck them in the freezer and call it ice cream. The kids have yet to call me on it. ), visits to parks and playgrounds, where I get to play the super fun game of one-two-three with the kids. Not heard of it? It goes like this: One, two, oh-no-where's-the-third-one? Oh god, there he is! What's he climbing on? And then you start over again. It's surprisingly not fun.


Also, I don't really like other parents. In the park, it seems you need to be making conversation with other parents all the time. I wouldn't mind, if only it wasn't so boring! And it's not like you get to talk about interesting things, like work, travels, politics or current events either. Conversations are stricly restricted to who has injured what body part recently (children, that is), what respective families will be doing for upcoming holidays (there seems to always be one coming up!), and of course, the ever so popular weather.


I miss normal conversations with grown ups. I miss them so much I try to have them with my kids. With, actually, better results than I have with the parents in the park. 


Two weeks done, and only two more to go. Then life can return to normal again. The only thing I'll be sad to give up is the sleep ins. Lately, I've slept to eight almost every morning - heavenly!

My proudest moment

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Can't believe I haven't posted something about this, it's almost a month ago, and will go down in history as one of my proudest moments, equal only to squeezing living babies out of... let's just not go there. The jest of it - very proud mother here. 

Jonathan finished his first year at school! Well, ok, technically he did that last year, but that was that Swedsih thing with the preparation year, so it really doesn't count. Honestly, all they did that year was to learn how to write their names, and Jonathan was bored out of his wits all year. 


This year, however, he finished first grade! That counts for something, and not only for meaning I'm quite old (I'll just petend I had him when I was really, really young).


He really is an amazing child, in touch, in control (sometimes), funny, witty, smart and sweet. And I'm really not being biased. Honestly I'm not. He just happens to be the best child about to turn eight that ever walked the earth, it can't be helped.


Anyway, I was terribly proud of him, and almost managed to not mind the singing (off key), the horrible coffee and talking to parents (what is one supposed to talk about??) and everything else that managed to take place in the course of 90 mins, and now we're enjoying a wonderful wonderful time off! (I'm really just joking, we're fighting all the bloody time)


A room with a view

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Though maybe not much of a view... Still, I like my dull hotel room view, as I like my hotel, when I'm in London. I try to make a point of staying at the same hotel when I'm in town, it gives a feeling of normalcy. It's not far from work, though far enough for me not to feel like I'm staying at work, and even though I dislike staying at hotels, I must admit I have a thing about hotel room windows. I enjoy sitting in the window, watching the world below...

After last week's visit in London, I actually, for the first time in years, have a holiday! Well, I'm easing into it, and will be working tomorrow, but the plan is basically to be off work for four weeks! Maybe I'll take the kids on a trip somewhere, lay by the pool for a while and relax... And even though it feels weird not being in London for almost five weeks (I've grown so used to flying over every two or three weeks) it'll be good to get some rest too! Switching on holiday mode as of... well, as of Wednesday, but you get the general idea!